OTRLS platform allows the user to obtain miscellaneous services regarding commercial registration, trade liscence and trade name. All functions have been labeled clearly to attract the user and simplify the procedure as much as possible. All required forms and supplementary documents needed are provided as per each service in order to facilitate the one stop service with ease.

  1. Commercial Registration: with our online platform, you can get new commercial registration or cancellation of your commercial registration. Amendment or replacement of lost/ dilapidated commercial registration certificate with a new one is also possible on our website. Prerequisites and needed documents are all placed in the link and service process can be accessed using your username and password.
  2. Trade Liscence: you can obtain new trade liscence as well as amend, renew, cancel, or replace trade liscence easily through our OTRLS platform by following the easy steps indicated at the link of each services needed.
  3. Trade Name: OTRLS platform can give you easy access to services to allow you to obtain new trade name, replace an existing one or cancel entirely previous trade name data through the easily accessible link on its page.

All procedures must contain all required documentation and data which are labeled RED on the website. These required documents must be completed to finalize the required service. For additional information regarding or beyond the website, you can call or email our support team whose address is provided at the bottom of the site.