On February 2, 2021, Addis Ababa City Infrastructure Integration, Construction Permit and Control Authority organized an Advisory Forum on Construction Permit Reform to highlight major reform areas undertaken by the Government and identify challenges faced by the private sector in the Construction Sector with the aim of jointly devising solutions.  The Advisory Forum was chaired by Ato Helawi Sewnet, the Director General of the Control Authority and co-chaired by Ato Amanuel Teshome who is the President of the Ethiopian Architects Association. The private sector was further represented by President and members of Ethiopian Association for Civil Engineers as well as Construction Contractors Association of Ethiopia and renewed architects. 

Ato Helawi emphasized on the key strides taken by the Control Authority to ease service delivery in the sector including the revision of the Building Directive to consider risk-based constructions, and the launch and upgrade of the National Business Portal, an online platform that allows for registration of property and getting a construction permit online.  Members of the Advisory Forum acknowledge the changes initiated by the public sector but said bottlenecks that are hampering the development of the sector still exist with regards to the current building proclamation and the lack of a whole-government approach between public institutions. Additionally, the low-capacity level of both public servants and new entrants to the sector were identified as major hinderance that need joint efforts.  

The Advisory Forum was adjourned with the identification of measurable action points that will be followed up on and accessed by the members in three months time during the next gathering.

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