New Legislations

Most of the reforms in the Ethiopian business climate are a result of new legislations that have transformed the way things are done. Below you can find the legislations that have impacted certain business climate topics for download and reference.

1. General Reforms

To improve the investment climate radically, the investment law was revised to create a favorable macro policy environment, specific policies and institutions aimed at attracting investment, and clearly defined laws and regulations that are transparent, predictable and easy to implement. 



2. Starting a Business

To improve the process, time and cost of getting business licenses several legislations were approved. Some of these are; (1) Commercial Regulation and Licensing Regulation amendment regulation-No 461-2020; (2) Commercial Regulation and Licensing Regulation Amendment Proclamation-No 1150-2019; and (3) Ministry of Trade and Industry Amendment Directive on Commercial Registration & Licensing.

3. Getting Credit

To make getting credit easy, several legislations were approved. Some of these are; (1) Movable Property Security Right Proclamation -No 1147-2019;  (2) Operationalization of Movable Collateral Registry Directive- No. MCR-01-2020; and (3) Directive for the Establishment of and Operation of Credit Reference Bureau No CRB 02 2019.

4. Construction Permit

The Building Risk-Level-Directive-No 02-2020 has massively decreased the cost associated with getting construction permits.

5. Paying Tax

Paying tax is now a lot easier due to the VAT Amendment proclamation- No. 1157-2019.

6. Registering Property

Registering property is easier today because of the reforms introduced through several legislations. Some of these are (1) Addis Ababa City Administration Landholding Registration and Information Agency Proclamation- No 45-2015; (2) Urban landholding Registration Proclamation- No 818-2014; (3) Security Fund Regulation No 108-2019; and (4) Addis Ababa City Government Reestablishment Proclamation- No 64-2019.